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Monday, May 2, 2011

41 days so far :(

Well, my trip got off to a poor start when my fistula re-opened and started leaking again.  So no 12-ounce protein shake anymore - in fact, the doctor said to cut out ALL oral intake altogether!  It was really hard, but I'm making my way was a nice trip though, considering the circumstances.

On the way there, I came across the awesome bouncy emporium - I wish I was 5!
I quickly drew this for my mom to set the tone for our trip.
I sewed this (gulp) in my Fabric Collage class - my first real attempt at sewing since my 7th grade Home Economics class!
A second one that I made - with a bit of help from my handy glue gun!!!
 Some sculptures and paintings in the building were really beautiful.
 I like the idea of layering canvases over one another.
 Erin was so much fun to do the classes with - it's so nice to spend time with old friends.
Yes, we built a bear together!
As a ode to my starvation, I named him Jello and decorated his shirt in puff paint!
At the end of the week there was a huge art expo, selling vintage memorabilia for collage.
 Then it was home, and boy, did I miss cooking for everyone!
Cheesy Corn Cakes with turkey bacon and eggs
This was a sort of grilled cheese/french toast hybrid I concocted.  I toasted rye bread, slapped some provolone and turkey bacon on it, soaked it in an egg/spices/milk mixture, and fried it - YUM!
Buttery Soft Pretzels
Kasha and onions with scrambled eggs for mom.
The best Pumpkin Muffin recipe!
 My new toy - a doughnut maker I picked up at Target for 16 bucks!
I made Fluffy Cake Doughnuts which my brother said "tasted like Entemmans!"
 And to my family's request, I "had" to make Bobby Flay's deep dish pizza again - they LOVED it!

Now THAT's a deep dish!
Also some black and white cookies.
 Yes, it was quite a feast!  Soft pretzels, doughnuts, cookies, Apple Cheddar Pupcakes, kasha, corn cakes, grilled cheese, deep dish pizza...yeah, I'm pretty hungry!
I'm really angry, frustrated, depressed, and disappointed over this major setback.  I thought things were really closing up and now it feels like I am back at square one again.  But the only direction to go is forward, so onward I march...

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