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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 68.

My drainage has decreased to very little again, so here I go, getting all optimistic once again, daydreaming of what food used to taste like.
This is the latest on my veggie still-life.
 Since it was Shabbat, I decided to make a challah.
I prayed with my family to heal this fistula.  Hopefully God will hear me.

 To go with the Coq Au Vin, I made pasta...from scratch!  It was so much fun and so easy too!
First, you run the pasta dough through to knead the dough.
 Then you change the attachment to a pasta-making attachment...
 Real fresh pasta!!!
 Then, I reduced the coq au vin sauce by 1/3, which took about 2 hours.

 Fresh challah, pasta, and chicken - now that's a meal!  Of course, I watched from afar as my family enjoyed it...
 My piece for the day:  a little whimsical daydream.

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