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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 64 - twice as long as the doctors originally told me I'd be NPO

This is taking way too long.  Every day gets harder.
These are my two inchies for the day.

My fifth still life!  This was my set-up.

This is about 30 minutes worth of work.

I did  this out of only fabric.

...And two more inchies to wrap things up (I have to pass time every night until 9:00pm, which is my sacred Jello time, so everything is strategically planned and plotted and scheduled until 9:00pm.
 Then for dinner, I made a smoked salmon, dill, and potato tart.  I have to warn you:  My family was not crazy about it.  Oh well.  They can't all be winners.
Make the pate brisee.

Mix lime zest, eggs, milk, dill, and onion.
Boil the potatoes.
Slice them and scatter them in the pie crust.
Layer the smoked salmon in between the gaps.

Do another layer of smoked salmon and potatoes.
Pour the egg mixture over the potatoes and bake for a half hour.
It wasn't a great recipe, but tomorrow I'm going to make Coq Au Vin - everyone likes chicken, right?

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