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Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 49 - are things looking up again?

Good news!  Hopefully.  In the fast few days, my fistula seems to have dried up again.  I am keeping my fingers crossed and just proceeding very cautiously.  I realize how fragile this fistula is right now and I don't want to increase my oral intake right now, for fear I might disturb the healing process.  But, there is now a smile on my face.  I can actually visualize myself eating again, and soon, possibly.
I have faith that this fistula will heal.
So little output!
 I finished the background from yesterday.  I really like how I kept the black and white theme going on.  It looks very clean, and very neat against the newsprint backdrop.

The girl is lying on a sort of swan/cloud.
"I can feel the raindrops, but I am okay."
It was so much fun having everyone over for company after my art show.  I loved that everyone so much enjoyed the food I made. 
Everyone said my food was amazing!

I gave my brother Jeff one of my paintings - for free!

The only difficult part was that I couldn't eat anything!  When the smells got to be too much for me, I went to the bookstore to have my little cup of Jello.
I finally met Jeff's fiance - she's so sweet.  And even better, she works for the Food Network!

It was great fun getting prepared for company, but it wasn't really fun having everyone over eating my food, when I could not join them.  I think having everyone enjoying what I had made, made me realize how good my food really was, and I just got really depressed and hungry.
The next time we have company over, I will be enjoying the feast along with them!
Food is so much a part of an enjoyable life.  Company and good nourishment go hand in hand.
I made a breakfast wrap for dad for work.
Blueberry Corn Ebelskivers and Salmon-Dill Ebelskivers for my brothers...
Kasha and eggs for my mom.
Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits for the two noisy ones.
I am not cooking dinner for the next two days because we have SO many leftovers from the art show!  I really want to make peirogies though!  And potato-leek soup with my extra leeks from the minestrone.  Come on family, eat up so I can cook for you!!!!!

These are some backgrounds for future works.  Soon I'll be eating, I can FEEL it!!!!!

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