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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 69 - manicotti night!

Okay, now I'm in an impatiently positive mood.  The fistula is looking dryer and dryer...but I am getting hungrier and hungrier!!!  Tonight I made sausage and cheese manicotti - with hand made manicotti shells!
Brown the sausages and onion.
Simmer with white wine. 
Add crushed tomatoes, chicken stock, and spices.  Simmer for one hour.
Combine ricotta cheese, spices, parmesan, and provolone cheeses,
I made the manicotti shells on the crepe-maker - they smelled delicious and came out so authentic! 
Coat the pan with half the sauce.  Fill each manicotti with the cheese mixture.
Cover with the remaining sauce and extra parmesan cheese.
 I also experimented a bit with gouache just for fun - I'm not the best at watercolors, but it's a good way for me to challenge myself and experiment with something different.
 I have a set of 9 miniature square canvases - I am going to paint each one a solid color and put four inchies each on it.  I think it will be a very nice way to display them.
I can't' believe that it's almost June...will I be eating this summer?  Will I get off of TPN in time for college in the fall?  Only time will tell.  I just have to trust that God DOES have a plan for me, this IS a road I am meant to follow, and things WILL happen as they are supposed to.  (Right?)

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