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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rainy days 58 and 59.

Could the weather get any gloomier?  I stayed the kitchen, that is.  For dinner, I made Spinach and Mushroom Calzones.
Saute the mushrooms with fennel and oregano.
Toss in some spinach.
Roll out the handmade pizza dough.
Mix with parmesan, fontina, and ricotta cheese.
Fill in each calzone.
Make the calzones, spray them with olive oil, and bake at 425F for 18 minutes.
In the art room, I made some art out of an old chocolate box by covering each square with felt.

I made miniature inchies in each square and used the lid to prop it up like an easel.
 Then I made my dad's favorite chocolate cake: Here is the recipe.  It's great and uses a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the batter!

It was definitely a hit!!!
 Speaking of baking, I did some more work on my still life.  It's really coming along.  I'm almost there.
My favorite part is the reflection of the butter and eggs in the mixing bowl!
 Then I decided to do some fun painting just for myself.  My grandparents were a really big part of my life when they were alive.  They were holocaust survivors and had hearts of gold.  I was so close to  them, but I never saw them again after I fell into a coma, which was very sad, considering that they both lived for a few good years after the fact.  But I still feel their blessings.  I still feel them watching over me.  So I decided to draw them into a painting.
The sun reads: "I feel you bless me, Grandma and Grandpa."

They were truly good people.  They don't make 'em like that anymore.
I've decided to start another inchies project.  I'm going to discipline myself to do two of them a day.

I have a lot to go though!!
 I just ordered this fantastic paper from BLICK's with the most interesting texture.  Combine that with a brand new set of goauche paint, and you've got a whole new medium!  It was fun to play around with.
I never get sick of drawing trees.
 For my family I decide to make a cinnamon swirl bread.
Make the dough with yeast, water, milk, butter, eggs, flour, and sugar.
Brush the dough liberally with milk after rolling it out, and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.
Roll up just like a cinnamon roll.

Place in a loaf pan, seam-side down, and let rise for 90 minutes.

I'm waiting for it to rise as we speak.  When the time is up, I'm going to brush it with egg wash and bake it for 35 minutes.  I'm sure it will make the house smell GREAT!
I also made my brothers' favorite snack:  buttery soft pretzels.
I'm volunteering today at Person to Person, which is a great organization.  I'm working at the mini-supermarket, ironically enough.  So I baked some miniature blueberry muffins to snack on.

As far as the fistula is concerned, I decided I can't think about it for at least another week.  I have to give it some more time because these ups and downs are driving me crazy.  One day it's totally dry, the next day it's draining like all hell broke loose.  I have faith that it will heal though.  I just have to keep my mind off of it in the meanwhile.

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