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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 54.

Days are up and days are down.  I ended up cutting back to two Jellos again because my fistula output was a little more than expected.  I am just going to keep my eyes on the prize and go forward.  I'm not going to worry about bad days and good days.  My family definitely enjoyed the comfort food meal I cooked for them - it smelled amazing and was shortly gone!
This goldfish-crusted chicken is the first thing I am going to cook for myself when I can eat!
Mmmmmmmm...mac and cheese!
This is the progress I made on my baking still life...
 I ordered this nice set of pastels from BLICK's and I didn't feel like creating "serious" art - I'm sort of sick of painting right now.  So I played around on a pastel board.

Then I made a cottage cheese crepe for my mom
 Corn cakes, eggs and bacon for my dad.
 And last but not least, a deep dish pizza - , - the biggest request from my brothers!!!
Every day seems to get harder.  I can't cook one more meal or create one more painting...yet somehow I do.

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