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Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 9 and Day 10 - getting there (sort of)

The only way I can tell myself to get through this is telling myself to take one at a time.  Whether you're laughing or crying, starving or in pain, the days do pass.
What a better way to start the day then getting an iron transfusion?  Blech.

Then torturing myself doing some window shopping at the grocery store.

  I made oatmeal-blueberry pancakes for my brothers, but I used baking soda instead of baking powder - surprisingly my mistake just made the pancakes fluffier, that's all!

Pineapple Cottage Cheese Crepes for mom.

I made a wonderful minestrone soup - I don't use a recipe.  I just throw tons of yummy vegetables in a pot with a quart of chicken stock and a can of diced tomatoes, with a parmesan rind, beans, pancetta, and a potato.  It came out so well!
 I felt bad for my dogs so I made them Apple-Cheddar Pupcakes.
They came out so well that my brothers loved eating them too!

Pepper and Jelly loved them!

 These are spinach-feta ebelskivers.
Apple-Cinnamon pancakes.

 For Purim I made hamantashens!
 I didn't refrigerate the dough like you are supposed to - I was too impatient - and now I know why you are supposed to: the dough doesn't keep it's shape!  As you can see, some cookies turned out better than others!

For dinner tonight I made Chicken with Orange Sauce.  It's a really yummy sauce with orange juice and peel, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg...

I want a toy kitchen!
So I am obviously cooking up a storm to get me through this.  Whatever works, right?  Cooking, reading food magazines, and watching the food network - I'm obsessed right now with the one thing I can't have!

On a positive note, I just found out that I got into the CAP21 Summer Training program.  It's a really intense program where I can really hone my craft of singing, acting and dancing.  I am so excited!  (Hopefully I will be eating by then!)

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