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Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 12, Day 13, it gets harder.

I am always looking for ways to pass time right now.  So what better way than at the Metropolitan museum of art?  I figured I could get some inspiration.
I found myself more drawn towards the modern, bright and colorful paintings.  I love Chagall.  Here are some other works that stood out to me.  If I were a better blogger, I would have remembered the titles of all of the pieces, but enjoy the pictures!
This guy was carrying a basket of fruit - wow did that make me hungry!
I love this whimsical tree.
Love the bright colors and dramatic shapes.
This day-dreaming girl reminded me of myself.

"The Lovers" by Chagall
A woman at her easel.

Quite dramatic African Statues.
And of course, hooking up to TPN in the middle of the museum!
Asian art always makes me feel very peaceful and centered.
The Joan of Arc painting has been one of my favorites here for years.  The colors are just so vivid.  She looks so lifelike.  Her eyes are striking.

The painting is called "Outburst"
A beautiful stained glass window
And then we got home so I could paint some things of my own!  I added to my backdrop from the day before - I wanted to keep it very minimal.
It's a girl (made from white string) standing on a hill (made of plastic wrap), holding a balloon with her heart.

The heart is made out of collaged magazine words.
It's difficult leaving the house like I did today because I see food and drink everywhere.  But I'm proud of myself for sticking it out.  Really, I feel the safest in my art room.  Until I can stop avoiding food, I just think I"ll work up a creative storm at home.


The next day, I woke up with a ravenous appetite that as usual, I could not satisfy.  So I made a Spinach Ricotta Tart for my family.
I am always impressed when I can make a pie-crust!
Put it in the oven for a half hour, and it turned out great!

I also made blueberry cornmeal ebelskivers.
Sunny side eggs and toast for mom
At least the weather is beautiful out now.  Sometimes the smells of what I cook are just too much.
I also had great fun buying more art supplies at Michael's!  (You can never have enough paint.)
Then I came back and finished the cardboard-layered backdrop I started a few days ago.
I'm really into the black gesso I have!

I also worked on this piece a bit:
For dinner, I made Sweet Potato and Black Bean Empanadas.
Chock-full of yummy sweet potatoes, black beans, cheddar cheese, and mexican spices
I was so impressed with myself that the dough actually rolled out well!

Crimp the edges with a fork, brush with egg wash, and bake at 400F for a half hour.
I went on quite a cooking spree this morning.  There were also the pumpkin pancakes...
The Pepperoni Pizza Bread...
Wow did that smell cheesy and good!  And I just couldn't help it, I had to throw in a batch of delicious miniature Corn Muffins.
Tomorrow I will have done this "fast" for 2 whole weeks.  Hopefully that will be the half-way mark for me?  Fingers crossed...I actually cried at Whole Foods while picking up ingredients.  Not eating never becomes easier with time.
Since I was on a black gesso kick - I did this backdrop too.

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