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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me on Day 19! (But where's my cake?)

The weather is absolutely beautiful here.  What a magical place to celebrate my 24th birthday!
My dad and I ventured into the Animal Kingdom today...
I absolutely love tigers.

I love this piece I saw in a modern art gallery.
Me and Adam at Disney Quest...
...playing a Buzz Lightyear bumper-car-ish game that got me a bit dizzy!
This piece in a modern art store really caught my eye.
 And of course I did a little painting.  I decided that I like watercolors when you sort of feel like being improvisational and messing around.  I wet my paper first, then throw some color onto it - that way I never know where the color is going to go.
 In this picture, I outlined the drawing with crayon first, which creates a resistance effect with the watercolors.

This is another magazine advertisement that I gessoed and then colored inIt's a bittersweet way to spend my birthday - being on vacation in a wonderful place, yet feeling starving all the time.  It has to get better from here.   hope 24 is all I am wish for and more...

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