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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 23...home and hope.

I had such a wonderful time on vacation, even though I couldn't eat anything.  Disney World definitely made my 24th birthday memorable, and hopefully all of my birthday wishes will come true!

I came home and the first thing I did - whip out a can of pumpkin and bake Pumpkin Oatmeal Pancakes and Pumpkin Muffins!

(Happy Easter!)
Combine all of the ingredients
 I guess being at home got to me, because I then went on another cooking frenzy.  First I made dinner: Salmon Burgers with Herbed Sherry Mayo.
Shape the patties and brown in a skillet

Dry on paper towels

Whisk together the ingredients for the mayo and Voila!
Then I baked a Red Velvet Coconut Cake...

Okay - the frosting didn't really come out right, but I'm sure it still tastes delicious!
Next up: the Pepperoni Pizza Bread was such a hit with my brothers that I had to make it again.

 For my mom, Ginger Crepes with Pumpkin Filling.  (I had to use the leftover pumpkin somehow!)

 And I couldn't leave the dogs out after going on vacation, so I made their favorite Apple Cheddar Pupcakes.
 Also, I wanted to use the leftover coconut milk, so I made Coconut-Pecan Muffins.  Everyone loved them!

 I definitely made a feast for my family this morning!
 I went to see the doctor yesterday, and he was so pleased with how dry my fistula looked.  He wants me to upgrade my diet to two cups of clear fluid a day for the next ten days, and if everything still looks good after that, who knows?  He might cautiously and slowly start to reintroduce food into my system.  Looks like 24 could be a good year for me...I am only going to take one day at a time, staying strong and optimistic.
My diet right now...2 cups of jello and one cup of broth.
I finished up a painting I had started before I left.

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