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Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 24: an endless feast for my family!

Spring is officially here!  I spotted the first flowers on my lawn this morning.

 Also, my Red Velvet Coconut Cake is really going!
 Cooking is becoming really therapeutic for me.  I can be in the kitchen for four hours at a time with my "kitchen marathons."  I start, and I just cook, bake, and don't stop.  I find that doing something with my hands makes the time pass, and being able to touch and smell the food is a vicarious experience.

For my brothers' breakfasts, I made Cheesy Corn Cakes with an egg and turkey bacon.
I made the corn cakes on my all-purpose crepe maker.

They smelled cheesy and delicious!
Brown the turkey bacon a bit
Start assembling...
Fry the egg.
Breakfast for three: served!

Then I made Black Bean and Chicken Enchiladas with homemade tortillas.
Saute the chicken with peppers, onion, garlic
Simmer with black beans and salsa
Make the corn tortillas on the crepe maker
Top with cheese!
 I then found a package of yeast in the pantry, so I decided to make bagels.
Mix the dough by hand and let rise for one hour.

Divide dough into 6 pieces.

Shape into bagels and let rise for 20 minutes.
Boil in water for a minute, season, and bake for 35 minutes.
BAGELS - yum!
 And I couldn't leave my mom out, so for breakfast I made a savory crepe with herbs, spinach, onions, and garlic mixed into the batter, with a side of goat cheese - she loved it!

 Then I went down to my art studio, preparing to do some "serious" work, and then finding...I just didn't feel like it.  The problem with having to avoid food all day is that I'm scared to just let myself "relax" because I'm scared I might get too hungry, should I let my mind wander.  So I have to constantly create, produce, and occupy my time with distractions.  But this time, I decided I wanted to do something fun - so I made little PEANUTS characters for myself sayig inspirational messages to me!  I had a good time - I don't really care if it's not high art.  It was fun.

 Some more doodling...
 And a background for later, made of tissue paper.
 I am one of nine artists who will be at the Hall Brooke Mother's Day Art Show at St. Vincents.  It is Saturday ad Sunday May 7th and 8th - I'm really excited to be featured!


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