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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 18 - Not eating on vacation? What's up with that?

We made it!
So, it's great being on vacation, but honestly, it's really hard not being able to eat when there are smells of hot popcorn and fried dough everywhere!  You go on vacation and you want to get out and do things, and then you want to go somewhere and eat, right?  Even though I'm not at home, I find myself pushing through the day going from attraction to attraction, trying to get through the day.  I will never, EVER ta food for granted for the rest of my life!!!!!
The weather is hot and beautiful here.
Can't escape food...but aren't these chocolate covered apples gorgeous?
It's a small world after alllllll...
How ironic that they left this chocolate Mickey and cookies in my room for my birthday!
 I got bored in the morning waitin for my family to get out, so I did some water-coloring in the room just for fun.
Before I start painting, I wet the paper to give it a more blotchy effect.

I covered a magazine advertisement with gesso, and then colored it in with oil pastels - lie a homemade coloring page!

It was a nice first day.  Disney World is great.  (But food is better!)

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