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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 14 - perhaps the half-way point, if I'm thinking optimistically?

If everything goes as predicted - which it never does in my topsy-turvy life - then this 2-week mark should signify being at the half-way point in my NPO-hell.  I am not going to think ahead, since my fistulas aren't on a calendar like I am, and trust that my body will heal when it is ready.  One day at a time.  I spent yesterday mostly setting up some backgrounds on some large canvases.  I usually paint abstract backgrounds when I just need to breathe and get out of my head.
I started out just dragging whimsical swirls of a bunch of different colors.
With the wonders of a brayer, this is how it ended up - and modeling paste for extra texture.
This could be a nice sky or ocean background from some scene.
This one was fun - I used alcohol ink, distress ink pads, and walnut ink for an antiquing effect.
I used textured paint for this and then used a rubber stamp.
This was a piece I finished to welcome in the spring.

Then I finished the background from yesterday.  I really like the contrast of the night with the day.

I was on a roll, so I did one more piece.
Didn't get to put any hair on her yet - or a face!

For dinner, I made an Italian Wedding Soup that smelled so wonderful.  Ahhhh...I can dream...

I also made Pumpkin Muffins for the humans and Apple Cheddar Pupcakes for the dogs.

Everyone was satisfied and full - EXCEPT ME!!!!!!
To get my mind off of everything and to keep from getting really depressed, I went down to art room for one more collage of the night.
What else can I say?  It's really hard.  I feel like I was once eating and drinking care-freely in another lifetime.  But  now that time will come again, and soon.  One day, one hour, one painting at a time.

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