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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring rain to Soak in, Lampshades to Alter up!

Happy Wednesday!
It's a bit gloomy, but a wonderful day to contemplate, take time to create of course (keep those Pins coming - they're wonderful!) and write a that's what I've been doing today :)

In The Studio...
Today I just started to paint a lampshade for kicks...
I just did a basic background on each panel for now - when it dries tomorrow I'll figure out what I'd like to do with it.  Perhaps I'll tell a story on each panel...

 We'll see - then I was thinking of really altering the base with spackle, plaster, doing something like I'm already doing with the globe...
 And here's my nifty 360 view of what I've done so be continued...

There are some wonderful altered lampshades I've seen in the cyber world lately...
Check out My Brave Soul

From The Funky Artisan
From Seaweed & Pickles
from Just About The Details
And as for painted lampshades, I found some gorgeous artwork...

from Home Design Lover
Under The Compass Moon
Cowboy Classics

I just love painting nature.  My lamp will definitely have some tree-and-more-themes vignettes.
And speaking of the wonders of our natural world...definitely check out this article (with lots of eye-candy!) on 23 OF THE MOST INSPIRING VIEWS ON THE PLANET (AND HOW TO GET THERE)
Gotta love Thailand...
Poem for today...
All this burgeoning Spring weather, flowers starting to blossom (well, almost) makes me want to paint, and also write a bit about the inspiration that surrounds me every day, every's a little poem I've cooked up for ya:
Ahhh....nature..... (untitled painting by me)
Ground your feet here like a tree
Spread and open up your branches
Blossom like a peony
Like a child, take your chances
Change like a chameleon
Like a gazelle, leap the farthest
Express what you are feelin’
By painting like a dirt-poor artist
Keep your spirit fresh as air
Keep your soul as crisp as paper
Follow instincts everywhere
Keep your conscience clear as vapor
Float downstream just like a fish
Move with calmness like a sloth
Like a penny, make a wish
Fly towards the light like a moth

Like the springtime, thrive and bloom
Like snakes shedding, shed your cares
Like spring-cleaning, make some room
To hibernate and rest like bears
Turn your colors like the fall
Turn your pages like a book
Have ups and down like a bouncing ball
Like glasses, take a closer look
Resonate like glass wind-chimes
Like July days, beat like the sun
Like photos, capture happier times
That stick with you when day is done
Like windows, see through insincerity
Like lovers, fondly embrace sadness
Like colanders, find clarity
Sorting out the good from badness
Learn to live from your surroundings
Lessons are hid everywhere
You’ll find love and joy abounding
If you simply stay aware
When the day’s slow to get going
You’re anxious for what’s to come
Find the quiet peace in knowing
You can’t be happy if you’re numb
Dazing out or running from pain
Hides hard feelings that annoy
You may not feel hurt or strain
But numbness also blocks out joy
So take a hint from budding flowers
Who freeze under the winter’s snow
They know they’ll have shining hours
If they wait for Spring’s bright show
So tolerate the bitter cold
And get through slightly harder days
Like trusting kids, find hands to hold
We all must cope in healthy ways
Everyone here has their own worries
Things that sadden and distress
But if we all tell our stories
Our milieu can do their best
To empathize, support and care
To know we’re not in this alone
Strength comes with the more we share
And realize we’re human, not stone
We’ll have peaks and valleys like mountains
Some rich days, some just ordinary
But we’ll reach glorious heights like fountains
Shooting off a stream of glory
If every day started and finished
Like the day you had had before
Soon your joy would be diminished
What would you be breathing for?
So like a riddle, keep others guessing
Like shuffling cards, mix it all up
Like a priest, find your own blessing
Like a pitcher, fill your cup
Today is an empty barrel
You can’t wait to stuff and fill
With curiosities and carols
Find your own song, seek your thrill.

Today, I'd like to encourage all of you to write...something - no matter what.  Here is a great article compiled of 20 writers urging you to write - some of these quotes are wonderful - please do check out 20 Great Writers on Motivating Yourself To Write, No Matter What

And in the kitchen...
Before I go - here's an adorable little collection of recipes - all different  kinds of delicious yummy stuff you can make in a muffin tin - it's good food, but fun-size - can you ask for anything better than that???
Oh boy - now that has my brain going - I wonder if I can alter a muffin pan in the studio tomorrow...
Thanks Nanette for the wonderful altered muffin tin Pinterest Board!
Have a wonderful day folks!


  1. There's some great ideas here!

  2. Great! New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge, and I look forward to visiting again!


  3. hi! thank you so much for the feature and all the nice things you said! i love your art too and i'm so glad you reached out. you made my day. :-) xo