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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cardboard collages and whimsy

Happy (and quite busy) Thursday!  (and day before my birthday!)

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso 

Update on Resilience!
Busy day today!  I'm off to film a documentary for the Arts Immersion Salon I will be featured in on May 31st centering on Resilience and the Power of the Human Spirit.  I'll be talking about my various art specialties that will be featured - my one-woman show, mixed media, writing, culinary, etc, and how it relates to my story, survival, etc. - should be fun!

Forever YOUNG
Tonight is also the opening reception or Forever YOUNG at City Lights Gallery where my art will be this one!
Dancing Trees 

Writing just published today!
Very exciting!!!Another one of my essays just got published in You and Me Medical magazine about dreams.  It's a wonderful publication " all about the experiences, the emotions and the relationships that make up the lives of human beings."  I'm really honored to be featured. me
My article is called Perchance to Dream which you can read here!

In The Studio...

I decided to do a very minimal amount with this painting because I liked the background work I messed around with so much...I actually wanted to add something so subtle that you hardly know it's there...

Can you see what I added?
Little green bird... 
Little red bird...
Little blue bird!
See - you hardly know they're there!  With such a complex background, I really wanted to make you search for the little nuances - I wouldn't add anything more than that - although I wanted to, believe me!

Then...I had a little more fun doing what I like best - adding shtuff!
This was the background I had a blast with the other day - gluing tons of cardboard, lids, wrapping paper, chocolate boxed - whatever I could find!
with some little details added in...

I really love this piece - I did it all at once, but whatever really felt intuitive and right.  It just feels very me.  Which is all that art should be anyway, right?

Before I I REALLY have to go!
Sheesh - didn't realize what time it was - I can't miss my documentary filming!!!!  So anyway, lots of fun stuff going on - I'll see you tomorrow!  Create some stuff, now will ya?

Great art picks up where nature ends.”  

Marc Chagall 


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