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Friday, April 17, 2015

home is where the heart is, studio's where your soul is, art abounds!!!

And it truly is a Happy Friday...

In the Studio - yes you heard me!

Blah blah blah I know I said I was in the hospital for a little tune up, but again, that was how my very first venture into art and eventual first solo art show was born!  So I'm making a mess here too - YAY!
Not too shabby for a tiny little hospital cubicle and whatever paints I could throw into my pocket on the way here, right?
 There is also a lot of other beautiful artwork around here...
And just as beautiful as the art here are all the little random acts of kindness - like a girl around my age who chased me out of the gift shop because she wanted to buy me this - I gave her a business card in return, along with my profuse thank you - hey, call me a little over neurotic to show people that I'm not just a hospital patient!!!
Anywayz, there is always much, much room to keep your spirit alive - no matter where you are!

My Grandparents are with me through it all...
I wanted to start off this post with a little tribute to my grandparents.  Yesterday at sundown brought the very end to Yom Hashoah, and even though I was in the hospital, I needed to pay a tribute to my grandparents in some way.  Even just the tiniest thought will do, which is an understatement for how much thought I give them with all of my heart.

People do things every year to commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day.  
This year in Israel, there was stunning footage of a Tel Aviv highway coming to a total stop, which you can watch AT THIS LINK.

A painting I made in honor of my grandparents...
There are many ways that people honor those lost in the holocaust.  My fiance even participated in a march at his college.  There are some beautiful candlelight vigils and poetry readings.  I am particularly touched by this poem I found from the wonderful website ritualwell:
My amazing grandparents!!!

Each of us has a name

given by God
and given by our parents
Each of us has a name
given by our stature and our smile
and given by what we wear
Each of us has a name
given by the mountains
and given by our walls
Each of us has a name
given by the stars
and given by our neighbors
Each of us has a name
given by our sins
and given by our longing
Each of us has a name
given by our enemies
and given by our love
Each of us has a name
given by our celebrations
and given by our work
Each of us has a name
given by the seasons
and given by our blindness
Each of us has a name
given by the sea
and given by
our death.

Elie Weisel delivered a wonderful speech and prayer you can read here.  This is from a wonderful blog On Being.

ospital, I wanted to commerate them in some way

She has touched everyone's lives at one point or another, but I know that my mother and I share especially vivid nenores o 

There are also wonderful ways to incporate a passed on loved one at my wedding...
...Like a balloon release, but of course, when I think of my grandmother, I always think of seagulls, and article I published about feeling her spirit in the seagulls I'd alway see at the beach, filling me with aerial blessings, which you can read on the Transformative Language Arts Network Blog.

My birthda always falls relatively around Passover, which has so much meaning for our family, and so this year, we hugged, savored our lovely memories with her famous chicken soup recipe,  and truly felt her presence over candles and matzoh meal cake...

That's all for today...
BLOOM!  (by me!)
Because believe or not, I had quite the full "today!  Most importantly, my labs are all back to normal, I had some great school sessions today for Hampshire, did some art which I'll finish up properly in my REAL studio, and the food here ain't bad! are:

and most importantly...

I am a forest, and a night of dark trees: but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses. - Friedrich Nietzsche