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Monday, April 13, 2015

Birthday Blessings, and back to creating more wonderful memories...of course on canvas :)

Hi!  And Happy, Happy Monday :)
Yay I'm back!
It has been quite the weekend - filled with birthday festivities, art, good food, and wonderful company! Just simple so much to be grateful for this year, every year, and in the years to come.  Today, again, I'm in a bit of a rush, just because so many exciting things are coming up lately!
My art is still at City Lights Gallery, Beechwood-Blue Gallery, Temple Shalom, Tusk and Cup Fine Coffee, and the newest place you will be able to see my mostly tree-focused art is at G & B Cultural Center in Wilton, Connecticut, which has an opening reception this Sunday!
Temple Shalom

And excitingly, plans are in the works for my art to be displayed until September in the big and beautiful Gallery at the Discovery Museum in Bridgeport, CT - which is a wonderful children's museum I used to adore as a child.

28th Birthday Festivities!
As for this weekend...there was plenty  of artwork to be seen in the city - spending the day with my fiance at MoMa and the Guggenheim - what an eyeful!

At MoMa...
What Murphy told his wife in this caption really resonated with me...

Oh Van Gogh...
“Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.” 
The first thing this Picasso made me think of was the wonderful Poet Pablo Neruda's  Ode to Salt, which you can read HERE.
The second thing this made me think of was that I'd really like to paint an abstract series of every day mundane objects and gadgets, and put some whimsical Amy-like life into them :)
Brandon and I debated a long time what this was - fire, a horse, prisms of light, etc. - but the caption said that the artist was actually trying to capture the dynamic energy of a soccer player!

In the list of materials here, "children's art" was credited - the artist must have had some kids scribble directly onto the canvas - I guess you're never too young to have your work at MoMa?

A little break for trees.
The weather was nice enough that we were able to do a wonderful nature stroll through Centra Park - I found some really friendly, vivacious trees who truly spoke to me - what personalities - I am just drooling over getting enough time in tot the soon to paint the heck out of some of these!!!  Look at their curves, shapes, what on earth are they telling each other...and us too?

 At the Guggenheim...
Frank Lloyd Wright put some true thought into his design, which you can read more about HERE.

Oh, some wonderful Dim Sum at Shun Lee West too!!!
Oh, and of course, the Yankees were pretty fun too!
Okay, we lost, but the food was wonderful, as always - and for my 28th birthday I even got a fun little birthday dessert platter - with tiara, cupcakes, everything - awesome!!!

Yankee Food...........

Okay, now for in the studio - finally this morning!!!
As much as I truly truly enjoyed this weekend, I couldn't wait to go downstairs to the art studio again to start creating - although today I only sadly had an hour - I'll have to make up for it tomorrow!  But here's what I worked on finishing up...

So thisi background to the left is the one that finally dried, and I like how it came out - much more pastel then the bold one I did before this - they might end up pairing together nicely though...

I admit that I do like it as is, but just as I hid three little birds in the bolder background, I wanted to stick to a similar theme...and then some, but just a BIT :)

So I tried to conceal as much as possible, three - OKAY 4 - little birds (sorry, couldn't resist) and then...a flower at the way bottom, because I do love my singin' flower gals, just singing with her leafy arms outstretched, with that huge silly smile all over her face!

Finishing up the lampshade now...

 My bolder background actually reminded me of the series hanging in Brandon's work office that I saw a long time ago...
 THIS one actually - I can imagine a series here going on, but using my bold background, the more pastel one, and then a third one, maybe blending the two themes together?'s an idea...

Okay now urgently MUST GO!
Oy, I definitely will have to write more tomorrow, but here are two fun eye-candy and literally tasty stuff too before I leave you...

And...the bad news is that Passover is over.
The good news is that now we can eat CHALLAH again!!!  And these are awesome spins on the classic recipe - I NEED to try these!!!

Gotta go, really, but see you tomorrow, I promise!!!

Here's to a wonderful another year...

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