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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spackling Sparkling Singing Globes, Songs, Shadowboxes - I'm surrounded by Symphonies, Smiles & Stardust!

Happy Tuesday!
And again, you can watch a 360 degree quickie quick youtube video HERE!!!
Walk tall as the trees, live strong as the mountains, be gentle as the spring winds, keep the warmth of the summer sun in your heart and the great spirit will always be with you. -  Native American proverb
WELL Hello There - lots of goodies today!  Art, writing, music, the moon - actually the globe...(you'll see!)

Beechwood Arts  Resilience & The Power of the Human Spirit!
"Burning Strength" - by me...
One more reminder that the tickets for the Beechwood Arts Immersion Salon are on sale now and boy to they sell out quickly!  Of course, if you are not in the area, the amazing thing about these Salons is that they are broadcast in international salons across the globe!

Finding Myself through Yoga...and Writing!!!

Another article of mine was also just published in Do You Yoga Magazine - yoga was an extremely powerful resource in getting me back in touch with my body after each of my 27 surgeries altered it in some way.  It was a way for me to find peace of mind and center myself in my anatomy I had at the moment...
Please do Show Me Your hEART!
I love that so man more of you wonderful creators are pinning to my Show Me Your heART Pinterest Board - keep at it!  I particular love this idea that was just posted by Brooke Knipp...

Bye, Comparison
So Keep Pinning!!!
Show Me Your hEART Pinterest Board!!!

In The Studio..
My Singing Tree Concept
So, I think it's safe to say (and believe me - I am terrible at knowing when the "time is right") that I have successfully completed by altered globe/singing-tree!  I wanted to add more and honestly, I probably should have stopped a bit sooner?  Oh well, who cares - it was so much fun!  First here's a little 360 video - please do watch!!!

Watch it HERE!!!

It was quite the drawn-out process, but this $10 Home Goods Globe has gone through quite the here's a quick recap...
And look how it turned out!!!!!
And again, you can watch a 360 degree quickie quick youtube video HERE!!!
I sorta had a ton of fun with this!  IF you look closely, you can even spot a little bird' nest, a few ladybugs, and a few other surprises here and there - and did I mention it's a...singing tree???
Which I happen to love...

Art I Love...
Lately, ...I've been browing cyber-space for some shadow-box inspiration - my next to-do that I'm excited about - here are some pretty varied ideas I love:
Any kind of box can really work...
And I do love the idea of creating a window or door - everything's cuter in miniature form, right?
From BCJ Creations
And my favorite - sometimes the most poignant are the simplest of shadow boxes - I think this is precious...
By the artist Roulien Stahnke

Song Inspiration...
This is a beautiful song I wanted to share with you - listen to the lyrics and you'll know why I resonate with this so deeply - life happens, there are plenty of detours...but if certain things never happened...would you still be where you are?  Everything I've been through has put me "on my way to you..." - enjoy )

On My Way To You by Michel Legrand
Before I go...

I love affirmations - especially creating my own!  I have quite a bunch saved up, but I'll just give you five at a time...
Tell me which ones you resonate with the most!!!

I will keep going…
Everything I desire is already within me!
Stress or FUN??? It’s my choice!
In my mind I can visit magical places and take the magic with me to help get through the day.
I will acknowledge the feeling, feel the energy, let it pass through me, then watch for the lesson to appear and the pain to dissipate.
These all really helped me find my way - hope they inspire you as well!


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