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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dreaming of life, self-acceptance, and painting cups of tea.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
Dance of Flames - by ME

First of all, if you check out, you'll see that I'll be showing some of my work at City Lights Gallery in the Forever Young Exhibit, which opens this Thursday!

Also - you guys are so wonderful - I just love what you are pinning to the Show Me Your heART Pinterest board - loving all the inspiration, so keep it coming!  Follow the board so I can send you an invite, and then pin away!
This beautiful bouquet was pinned by The Flower Owl
SO what will you pin....????

Body and Self-Acceptance...
Years ago, when I was still trying to come to terms with my new body after 27 turbulent surgeries, much of the art I created was tactile art, using materials like felt, buttons, etc. to really feel comfortable with how my body was "magically" altered every time I woke up in the recovery room.  Waking up with a new colostomy, ostomy, wound, scar etc. is always a bit jarring and takes some time to get used to.  Getting recognized with the Great Comebacks Award was a big honor and also helped me realize that what I had been through could inspire others.

I even wrote a song about it years ago:  "The Body Song" - you can listen to it here.
"The Body Song" by ME.
This was just a "mini-me" I made out of felt years ago to get accustomed to the new body I was in:
Me...with an ostomy.  (But still me.)
Then my art mentor and wonderful artist Jeanine Esposito was playing around with this little character on a background I had created the week before, and brought up that I could really make wonderful, even therapeutic felt boards for children in hospitals - or really anyone, using my felt cut outs and backgrounds - it stuck onto the canvas quite well, and I could imagine it dancing across various painted backgrounds and scenes.  I always did love felt boards as a child...

You can learn how to make your own felt board here at a great blog by Kayla Aimee, and also some great felt pieces here.
I always did love felt's a wonderful way to brainstorm, make up stories, and create - they don't just have to be for kids ya know...

In the Studio...
I was just having a ball making a mess today!
First, I blew up a photograph of some trees outside and put it on a blank canvas.
After I washed it the photo over with gesso, chaos ensued as I ripped apart a cardboard box, a chocolate box, plastic containers, tissue paper, and whatever else I could manage!!!
 After lots of layers of paint, etc. I got a really interesting background to work with:
I'm not exactly sure what I'll do with it yet, but once it dries I"m sure I will get a better idea.
 Then I had a bit of fun with a tea cup - not done yet of course - I do like letting things simmer a bit.
“Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone.” 
― Alan W. Watts
I'll finish the rest once it dries tomorrow...
Painting this tea-cup actually brought to mind another old childhood memory of MacKenzie Child's tea-cups.  I have fond memories of my mother taking me here as a child - it's a furniture store, but their work is so beautiful, so artful, so inspired, it's like walking into a museum.
MacKenzie Childs is a wonderful artsy furniture and other homey goods company...
They make such beautiful art out of everything for the home - their signature design is black and white checkerboard, but always adorned with tons of whimsy and color...
Eye-candy right?

I also found some other wonderful altered tea-cup art online.
There are some wonder things that artists are doing to revitalize little tea-cups - precious ideas, I think.
Valerie Well's Pinterest Page
From Martica's Gallery
Then, I found a wonderful drawing from The Sketchbook Challenge, which is a great site to check out.
And for the painting I did yesterday , here was my process after I had gessoed the magazine page:
I just love the process of building up backgrounds...
“If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads.” 
― Anatole France
It's the fun of art for me - not knowing where you're going, but enjoying each step of the way.  IF that ain't a metaphor...I dunno what is!!!

An inspiring film...
“We dream to give ourselves hope. To stop dreaming - well, that’s like saying you can never change your fate.” 

I wanted to share with you an animated film that truly touched and inspired me many years ago.  Waking Life is an animated docu-drama that came out in 2001all about the nature of dreams.
A truly inspirational film.

You can actually read the transcript at this link and learn more about this wonderful film at this link.  (And then of course, there's always IMDB) - but do see this movie!

Or at least watch the...Waking Life Official Trailer - do it!

Before I go...
That's a wrap for today folks.  But plenty of things to think about, inspire and create today!  What random thing can you alter today?  Be it a tea cup, a box, a rug, a book, empty soda can - don't think, just do it - and then pin it to my board so I can see!  (Or just write me about it - I'd love to hear!)
How can you accept your body, your Self today?
And please - do watch Waking Life - and comment to me any thoughts it brings up for you!

My Random Farewell...
28 Brilliant Food Hacks That Will Make You a Kitchen Genius
50 Creative Business Card Concepts - I love finding inspiration in random places.
I also happen to love greek yogurt, but there are so many creative possibilities for them - even savory ones that are healthy too - this is a great link for some of them - from the Huffington Post.

Oh.  And I'm sure you still have some peeps leftover from Easter, so: The 22 Best Ways To Eat Easter Peeps!

And now dream a little dream and have a great night!


  1. Beautiful art pieces this week!! You always manage to amaze me! :) Great post!

  2. What a wonderful expression! Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty - we hope to see you again next week. :)

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