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Friday, April 10, 2015

A few years of paint, decade of resilience, a lifetime of wonder, and only gratitude ahead.

Friday, Birthday, ya know...
Happy Birthday....yay!

First of all, it's my birthday!  And I wasn't going to blog or even go down to The art studio, but whaddayaknow, you can't stop the artist from creating I guess...and that is how I celebrate being 28!

So some quick and happy/exciting news... has some new links on it - and yes, writing section is still underway, especially since my essay on finding faith again in trauma through my dreams was just published in You and Me Medical Magazine yesterday - and more articles will be coming out in various places shortly!
Read the article HERE

My Show Me Your heART Pinterest board is just poppin' with pins lately!  Keep 'em coming - I am loving all of the inspiration!

Yesterday I went over to Beechwood Arts to start filming the documentary all of the artists participating in the Resilience & The Power of the Human Spirit are filming.  It was a wonderful experience- I can't wait to post some clips on this site!  I talk all about what resilience means to me, as an artist, and through what I have been through, and also share what it was like having such an earth-shattering event happen to me, how it shaped me, and how it inspired me to create.

Beechwood Arts has some lovely work all around the premises - that dress is a paper sculpture!!!

I was especially taken by this precious little series - there is only one actual 3D object here - it's the dice on the left panel - everything else is painted - now, isn't that wild?

And of course, The premises are centered around a gorgeous Beechwood tree - you know I don't hate trees :)  - especially big overwhelmingly mythical-feeling ones - again, I gotta plug this book which has amazing pictures and writings on trees:
As well as Ansel Adams, who takes wonderful photographs of my favorite things ever...
Ansel Adams
And on a tree-last-note, one of my favorite places to nature-gawk is Wave Hill in New York.  There are the most beautifully breathtaking humongous trees there, perfect for lying beneath and daydreaming... more update!
City Lights!
My opening reception at City Lights Gallery for their Forever YOUNG show was amazing - I really felt so honored to be featured among such talented artists - sheesh!  And what a variety!

I took a little tour of all of the different works - the collection was so eclectic that I just had to share - take a look!
Me with a bit of my art there :)
You can watch my quick lil' tour of the art here at this link!!!

In The Studio...
I seriously had no time to go down to the studio today - I've got a yankee game today - priorities people!  But I just had to - even if it was just splotching around a bunch of stuff on a big canvas - which is what I did, actually!
You know the drill - lots of paint shmears, dripping and banging - just a way to center and ground myself today - hey, whatever purpose making art serves when you need it right?  There's always an occasion to get creative and messy...
 I ended up throwing nearly a whole can of glass medium on it, tossing sand on it, and then letting it drip after I banged it around a bit - poor lil' canvas.  
Then I actually etched into the gloss some affirmations I wanted this year for my 28th birthday.

I am so terrible at signing and dating my work.  But today, I had to.  Of course.
 So I'll just let all the layers drip and see what happens tomorrow.  And that's that.
I'm sure it will be "interesting" if anything at all!
It actually looks pretty interesting when contrasted to the much bolder and crazy background I made the other day - maybe I can do something similar with it, make it a little series, we'll see...

And now to real life - Yankees!  (duh.)

Okay, I'm off to a Yankee game now, I do love going there and eating the food - not so much the game, but the food is great.

And I even do a little art about it - 'cuz why not?
It's a great time and I can't wait for my first game of the season - GO YANKEES!

AND...I'M 28.
NO TIME for deep thoughts now.  But believe me, I've got tons of them this year.  So many blessings.  Maybe will write a bit more about that another time - but you get the idea.  Gratitude is everything and I feel it within every bone and marrow cell of my body, pulsing through me with vitality, love, and awe...

I still can't believe  that ten whole years ago I was 18.
And I do miss many things of my childhood...

But I'm so grateful I have so many things to miss and even more to look forward to...

I've created
I've taught others to create...
Lots of love - and created from  that...
And celebrated...
With much more celebrations to come!!!

Before I go - I'm GOING.
So this weekend as a heads-up, I won't be blogging - 'cuz it's my birthday!  But don't worry, I'm still here!!!  So stay tuned for most posting, art-ing, celebrating and shtuff - because, well, I've started all of these darned projects and I gotta finish them sometime...
See, look?  More stuff to do!  So come back!
Thanks everyone for reading my blog.  And may your day be as bold as my crazy backgrounds...
And have some that are a bit more pastel, meditative and calm - I'm not as good at those, but I try!

and always remember to bang it out and spray some fun drippy stuff on it too - MAKE A MESS!!!!!



  1. I love your urging to make a mess! Happy birthday, Amy.

  2. Happy Birthday my beautiful creative darling! xoxoxo

  3. Happy Birthday!! I love that you are so creative! Great post!