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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Photographs, Newsprint, Backgrounds, heck just get outside - there's art everywhere!!!

A Lovely Tuesday - get outside!!!
It's Spring - YEP!

Writing... now has a writing section!  Articles that I've written for various online and print publications, poetry, musings, stories, songs, etc. are still being added, but there is now an additional spot to browse on my site, so please do check it out, and I hope you are inspired to write a bite yourself!  
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Your heARTS are beautiful...
I just love that more and more of you are pinning on my Show Me Your heART Pinterest Board, so please to keep that coming! As a former art teacher, I love this Under The Sea Art Project from - keep pinning you awesome creators!!!

Studio Time...
Now getting some more time in the studio, which I am so happy about.  Although it is getting quite nice out and is about to be the perfect time to be painting outside by my trees as well :) But here was some studio work last night...
I created this background to be inspired by....
This photo...
So this morning I added some spackle to it, and I shall paint it up tomorrow!
Put some finishing touches on this one...
Have some ideas for some collaging, so I made this fun little abstract background to dry...
Made a bit simpler and calm background to dry for tomorrow here...
I was spring cleaning and came across some old books - perfect little opportunity to tear apart some pages and start another background, in the works, obviously...

I even included some old childhood photographs I had gathered as well...

And a bit more writing...
A sneak peak of what is to come in my writing section, but here's a poem I wrote - in honor of remembering who you'll always be...and who you will still remain in this beautiful spring day...
Spring Memories
A Poem By Amy Oestreicher 2015

Photographs and memories

Thought the joys would never end

Life can change so suddenly

You can have this all again

Lighter heart and easy smiles

Bouncing step and singing soul

Now the path trails on for miles

But it’s still in your control

Life may be more complicated

Than it was when you were young

But no need to be frustrated

No need to get scared and run

Just like life can grow so sour

In an instant, tides can turn

Life can improve with the hour

In the change, there’s lessons learned

So savor those photographs

Recall those days of innocence

If you’ve cried, there’s hope to laugh

Give each day a brand new chance

Your mind may play tricks on you

Taunting you with what you had

Regrets may embitter you

“Coulds” and “Shoulds” just make you sad

Focus on what you have now:

It’s not settling – it’s gratitude

What in this life’s in your power?

What can you change with your mood?

Don’t recreate old memories

Foster new ones with each dawn

Make your own recovery

Wonderful to look back on

These could be the scrapbook pages

That you go to years from now

These could be the happy ages

Wiser and stronger somehow

This healing journey has molded you

Into who you are today

With hardship comes wisdom too

You grow as you find your way

Through the rough and rocky trails

Past the demons as you go

Now instead of freezing, exhale

Now you’re stronger than you know

You may find that weariness

Takes over and wants you numb

But you are your experience

You are what you’ve overcome

So stay strong when life gets frantic

Stay empowered when life’s gone wrong

‘Cause in life there’s second chances

Low and high notes in its song

Take a picture of yourself

Clutch it closely to your heart

When you wish you were someone else

Know that there’s a brand new start

Every day and every breath

We can just begin anew

Take just one more healthy step

Every moment’s up to you

Photographs and memories

I remember them so clearly

I want my life now to be

To also be what I cherish dearly.

And some retail therapy...
 And then Home Goods and Pier 1 had plenty of inspiration - I did happen to catch another globe with an airplane on it - I've got to alter that one next....
But there was definitely no lack of inspiration at either store...

So many options - where to start?

How about a good Chinese lunch out...

Another thank you to my family for being so supportive through all of the ups and downs...

 And always remember:

(Thanks, Home Goods!)


  1. love the contrasting depts in the painting you did today honey.never get tired of your works. xoxoxoxo

  2. Beautiful!!!!

  3. I love all the mash of colors, you are very creative.
    Would love to have you stop by and link.
    Hope you enjoy your day!

  4. Lovely poem! I wish your photos of your bright beautiful paintings were larger! Thanks for sharing them all, though :)

  5. Loving the different paintings and collage, nicely done.