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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some pictures to introduce myself and my art...

Here are some pictures to get me started.  This was my headshot for musical theatre.  It was taken right before I fell into a coma.

The most recent family photo we have - I have three older brothers.  Jeff has his arm around me - he's a third year med student at Columbia, who was actually inspired to become a doctor by what happened to me.  Matt is an amazing musician, on the bottom right, and Adam is living with us at home now, on the bottom left.  We have a very close-knit, special family.

On January 9th 2011, I officially put on my very first art show at the Westport Women's Club.  It was so exciting and we got a wonderful turnout.  It just went by way too quickly.  I'll definitely have to do it again, since I've been churning out artwork like a fiend lately.

One of my dogs - a lovely pomeranian, Jelly (I named it after I played Jellylorum in CATS a few summers ago)

My stint as a nursery school teacher.

A media piece I created entitled "Mommy Can't Fix This."

Trees are very common themes in my work.  I am in constant awe of the beauty of nature and see it come to life all around me.

My other dog - a miniature Austraillian shepherd named Pepper because she sure has pep!

Oil and Acrylics

One of my best childhood friends Nicole came to surprise me at my art show!

Pepper and Jelly in the fountain outside - how cute is that?

My favorite tree in our backyard.

Seeing Eye - Acrylics

A mixed media piece I did.

"Vulnerable" - someone bought this at my show!

Reaching Star

Me and Pepper

"Heart On Her Sleeve" - this tree really seems to speak to me.

Dancing On Shattered Glass

A mixed media collage displayed in my art show




Mixed Media

Acrylics and Watercolor Crayons

My mom and I - my mom has been with me through all of this and we're pretty close at this point.

Me and "Singing Tree" - I sold this at the art show, and was so upset about it, that just created a painting with a similar theme - I am in love with "singing trees!"

"I Can Hold On" - I created this when I was at Yale hospital for two months this summer after a fistula had developed after surgery.  I used whatever scant materials I could find - including toilet paper!

"My World Has Split" - the hospital self is to the right and my school girl self is to the left.

Yellow Sky, Open Heart

Home is Where The Heart Is - another piece I resourcefully created at Yale Hospital!

Self Portrait - I see myself as split in two, but still striving for something better.

Blushing Tree - I love how these trees seem to come to life for me!

Pink Road

My brother Matt played some great background music during my art show.

"The Best Day Ever"

Setting up for the art show.

The greatest woman ever who helped make it all possible - a wonderful artist, Leona Frank!  (And her awesome husband Dick took the wonderful photographs.)

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