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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some recent art!

She Has Found A Piece Of Herself In The Moon - I had a blast with this - lots of layering of napkins, tissue paper, fabrics, lots of matte medium, and clay and puzzle pieces to finish it off.  I love scavenging around for random supplies.

End Of Summer - I made this in the hospital

Winter Melting - this is the "sequel" to End of Summer

Shadow Portrait - this was a personal piece I created based around an actual ostomy bag that I have to wear.  Art really helps me express my frustrations of the medical  component of my life right now.

Laugh At Fear - I had wayyy to much fun with these inchies!

a close up of my inchies

I create these first by painting a large collage on canvas paper, then cutting it into squares.  From there, anything goes!  Magazine words, little buttons...I love how whimsical they can be.

Where to store all of my art?  That is the question...

Most of it gets shoved in corners around my house

This painting seems to be missing something - I still am figuring out how to finish it.

My art studio!

These are some textured backgrounds I just created that I have great plans for...what they are, I do not know yet!

A mixed media piece I just created.  Now that the art show is over, I am so hungry for another one, I'm creating things like crazy!

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