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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pursuing Happiness...

Caring about others, running the risk of feeling, and leaving an impact on people, brings happiness.
- Harold Kushner

On the Today Show this week, there was an interview with some filmmakers who are filming a documentary in search of the happiest people in America.  You can watch this extraordinary interview about "Pursuing Happiness" in this TODAY show interview.

"Pursuing Happiness is our diary of interviews with America’s happiest people. We asked the 300+ supporters of our Kickstarter campaign “who’s the happiest person you know?” and travelled the country based solely on those referrals, showing up at complete strangers homes with our cameras rolling."
What makes YOU happy?

So...who's the happiest person that YOU know?

The show continued to discuss that the path to happiness involves gratitude, and random acts of kindness.  
There is actually an official website for Random Acts of Kindness where you can submit your own story, or even apply to become a RAKtivist - why not?  Consider it a random act of kindness :)

Sometimes happiness comes in the simplest of things...
A mother who gives the warmest hugs

A fridge inundated with goodies...

A happy first week or so of marriage :)

Learning to accept the body you have.

The beauty of the natural world around us

Health and vitality


Having that special place in your heart, wherever it may be, where dreams really go come true...

The beauty that all things pass, and sometimes the good times just pass too quickly, which make you enjoy them that much more
Or sipping hot chocolate from the perfect sized mug.
It's funny how we all connect to some kind of drinking glass, to the point where it "doesn't taste the same" if we don't have it.  I got to participate in a fun feature on the blog Funning Up My Life, 
talking about "My Mug and I"

 And of course, getting down to that dang art studio of mine...

For me, Happiness, Gratitude, Kindness - they're all the same deal.  Accept where you are now, and find gratitude for the world around you, wherever, however, whoever you are.  And be Kind to yourself - every time and at every random time you can think of - be kind to others for no reason except that each molecule of this universe and every soul you encounter is another part of yourself..  Let others bring out the best in you.  And thinking of all that, and how connected that makes you become, how can you not be Happy?

I was so excited to be featured o Creativity Portal for my art and creativity.  When I was in the hospital, I used to peruse this site constantly for inspiration!  Go check out Creativity Portal, and be sure to check out my artist's profile!  
I caught the happiness virus last night
When I was out singing beneath the stars.
- Hafiz of Persia


  1. Happiness for me are cutting beautiful roses from my gard
    En and seeing them every morning in a beautiful vase

  2. I love this and happiness for me is with my husband and my kids, because through it all they are my world and all I really need.

  3. Absolutely stunning and beautiful Amy!

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post. I am a huge advocate of RAK - and am going to be incorporating it into my 2nd grade classroom this year! :) Happiness to me is spending time with my family! <3

  5. Happiness is definitely a choice! Choose to be happy or not, it's mostly up to you!

  6. So lovely, Amy! Thanks for the reminder.

  7. This is beautiful. Great post. I'm a firm believer in gratitude and random acts of kindness. I'm sure you brought about some happiness to everyone who read your article!

  8. I highly suggest The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Simple, quirky yet effective happiness habits. Great post!

  9. We enjoy doing RAOK in the community. My kids get so excited every time.

  10. Hello, I love the way you infused the art into your post. It made me want to keep reading- very unique and fun! Here's to happiness!

  11. What a lovely happy post, full happy action ideas. I always think artists and photographers are the happiest people because they stop and smell the roses and also look into them to see how they are created.
    Fridays Blog Booster Party

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  13. Aww, I love random acts of kindness! :] Filling others' days with joy tends to make my days happier too! :D!

  14. I love hearing about people doing "happiness" projects. How cool would it be if everyone did, in fact, find a way to make someone else happy even in the smallest of ways every day. In light of recent events in the US, we so desperately need it as a society. Thanks for sharing via Fab Females :)

  15. Wonderfully uplifting and fascinating! We definitely need more of this covered in the news. Thank you for sharing!

  16. Thanks so much for sharing at The Living With Style Linky Party! Love it. :)
    Please join us again this week. Doors open Wednesday 5:30 AM Eastern Time
    Lory xo

  17. I love your positivity. I believe that happiness is a choice and if we choose to be kind and happy, we will attract the same kinds of people in to our lives. Thanks for sharing! #ConfessionsLinkUp

  18. I always try to choose how I'm gonna feel. I can let things make me made or sad or I can choose to be happy. I choose happiness every time. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing this over at Feature Fridays. I hope to see you soon

  19. Interesting thoughts on this one. I love all your pictures on your blog! Hope to see you again soon, and thanks for sharing at Christian Fellowship!

  20. I love all your pictures! This is really interesting, people persue happiness in many different ways but for me it's time with my family spent normally outdoors and also getting out for a run. Also a good meal helps! Thanks for linking with #BloggingToJogging xx