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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Do one thing that scares you. Reflections on camping (which I did not do. Because it scares me.)

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”   ― Eleanor Roosevelt
Painting My Sky -
In case you haven't noticed, I like nature.

A lot.

I write about it a lot too.  A lot of reflective essays.  
I wrote poems in homage to them...

Even some songs...
I love taking nature walks.  But I'm pretty terrified of camping.
(shrieekkkk!! ahhh!!!)
I don't have any traumatic experience that was camping related.  I've been to summer camp.  But I think I pretty much stayed in the Art Barn.
I'm scared of camping because I've never been.  And I'm always preaching about trying new things.  But I think of camping, and I think woods, tent, no bathroom, woods, sleeping in woods, bears, etc.
however, I'd like to introduce to you someone who has camped, and came out triumphant...even triumphant enough to offer a blog post about it - pretty cool, right?
So I hope you enjoy her reflections on camping, and today...what's one thing that scares you?  Make one little step towards doing it.  My little step is publishing this point - which means I support this message!  :) :) :)
I'd love to introduce a fellow blogger, Jessie from!  Jessie's
 had a great time camping in some beautiful nature spots, which you can read more about on other blog.  She's also going to share a bit of a recipe that is making me want a firepit and a long roasting stick right about now...

I just got back on July 4th from a week of camping all over Michigan. I wrote a lot about that on my blog, but I saved something special for Allspice & Acrylics! My friend Kerry went with me on the trip and she came up with the idea of putting strawberries on Smores! This is hardly a recipe, it's really more of an idea, but it is a great idea! A simple and delicious idea. The strawberries brighten up the decadence of a classic Smore, allowing you to feel less guilty about eating 2 or 3...or 7.
Smores are quintessential camping food, and I usually eat at least 3 or 4 when I am sitting around a campfire. It is one of the things that make camping and hanging out with friends at a campfire so awesome. We did our fair share of that as we camped throughout Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It was the sort of trip that you think warmly about in the middle of winter. The sun kindly beamed at us as we drove over hills, through woods, and by beautiful blue and green lakes.

Being in nature really relieves stress for me, and this tripped helped me to realize that about myself. Normally I have a hard time shutting my mind down and drowning out my endless To-Do list, but the crisp breeze from Lake Superior and endless chirping of birds clears my mind and allows me to experience the kind of peace I haven't had since I was a child with no responsibilities or concept of the world. 

With everyday life being as chaotic as it is, I think people could really benefit from taking a step back from society and culture to just look around and see what a beautiful place the world can be. I think people wouldn't be in such a rush to everywhere if we just realized that simple pleasures like sitting by a lake or walking down a trail can be peaceful, rewarding and worth slowing down for.

Needless to say, I recommend taking the time to get out of your routine, head into nature, make some Strawberry Shortcake Smores, crack a few beers open and allow your self the privilege of unwinding and enjoying being alive!

Thanks Jessie!  You should definitely brose around Jessi's blog - two of my favorite posts areA Negative Mind Will Never Give You A Positive Life and a DIY Dry-Erase Menu Board - which for me would just say food, any food, all day.  But still,  love the idea! 
And in the spirit of summer, she also gives a great recipe for an easy upside-down blueberry and plum cake - thanks Jessie!

Before I Go...
Alright folks, be sure to do one thing that scares you today!  Even if it's little :)


  1. I try to always do something that scares me...something that makes me go out of my comfort zone.

  2. What a great idea to put strawberries on your smores! Tell your friend thank you from all of us for this game-changer!

  3. Strawberry s'mores sound amazing! I can't wait until both my boys are old enough to actually enjoy a camping trip.

  4. Camping was always a scary thought to me, until I actually tried it! Now I love it!

  5. Oh I am scared of camping. I would die if a bug crawls on me.

  6. These are all really beautiful! I love how you captured the experience and all the beautiful scenery.

  7. Can't blame you for being scared of camping, I'm right there with you! But those strawberry s'mores sound yummy

  8. Strawberry shortcake s'mores? Yes, please!

  9. I feel like your paintings are in my dreams!

  10. As an adult, I love the idea of camping more than actually doing it! But we are going camping in a few weeks with our 3 sons because as a kid camping was one of the best memories. I recently ran a 10 mile race and I hardly ran before that - that was scary, but motivating. I think I'm a runner for life now. And strawberries on smores - genius! Will have to try it when we go camping!

  11. Thanks for sharing on #FoodandFitnessFriday!

  12. I'm not much of an outdoor girl but now that I have kids, I don't want to pass my fears on to them. I promised my husband that I would give camping a try one day! Love the smores. They look delicious! Thanks for sharing. #ConfessionsLinkUp