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Friday, June 5, 2015

Retracing steps...and discovering new ground.


“Paint the flying spirit of the bird rather than its feathers.” ~Robert Henri - art!  writing!  stuff!  yay! open for business!

Hey folks - check out my site...crazy things going on there!  So, my Etsy storefront is still there, BUT the little guys inside of my screen (that's how it works, right?) are shifting things around, so now you can click on my Mixed Media Gallery, find my art of "Singing Tree", "Mommy Can't Fix This" and "Fishing For Stars" and can buy in from there....
...And, the reason why this is happening is because eventually you will be able to order prints, cards and posters of a LOT of art in my gallery - fun, right?  YAY!

And if you check out the Writer section, you'll see that a little writing about music and what it means to me was featured yesterday on the Creative Dreamers blog - there's even an original song of mine you can listen to :)
Read and listen HERE :)

Resilience returns!
And more exciting, Beechwood Art's Resilience and the Power of the Human Spirit was such a success that we're at it again this Thursday.  Us resilience folks, you can't get us down apparently :)
It was a really amazing afternoon.  I"ll be performing my monologues again, the art will be up, and hopefully it will be nice enough for everyone to walk through the beautiful Beechwood tree, brimming with leaves and strips of vellum with all of our writings on it.

You can watch my monologues HERE but they'll be filmed better next week :)

In the studio...

Have you ever trying to do something twice - the same as before?

This was a painting I did a few years ago - I've always had a hard time parting with this one when people ask to buy it.  It's hanging over my bed right now :)
Over The Moon
But I was thinking this might be the kind of kid-happy piece to bring for the fundraising I'll be a craft vendor at this weekend.  So I decided to do something a little similar...
It's always interesting to try to "replicate" a piece - unless you just trace it, it never comes out exactly like the original, and I don't think that's the best result anyway.
I'm such an organizer, scheduler and listmaker, that it's a joy for me to have no plans when I'm painting - I just expect to be surprised by the end.  I even expect to not like how it's turning out for a good portion of the process.
So when I have a more specific idea in mind, like I'm trying to sort of "replicate" a painting, a small part of me is trying to keep to the same art as the original, but a larger more mischevious part of me is excited to see how I'll "mess up" what I had anticipated and deviate a bit in this second painting.

So there it is.  Now completely different (well, it's still by me I guess) but not completely the same.
But as usual, putting off title until someone makes me call it something :)  MOO.
Does anything really ever happen twice exactly the same...?

That's actually what happened with Singing Tree.  

Singing Tree

I painted it in the hospital, it became such a symbol of hope, joy and strength for me, and then I ended up selling it at my very first art show.  I was so devastated the day after, that I tried to paint it again, and came up with this:
Singing Tree Revisited
So I guess I'm very happy I still have it - it came out a bit similar with a few differences too.

But...I don't think I could sell it again!  (Hence, the posters!)

Craft Vending...a first!
I claim to paint, but I'll be the first to admit I'm not one to graphic design.  So, I did a little fidgeting with the Staples website and designed a little banner for myself (little meaning 6 feet I guess)
We'll see how it holds up on Sunday!

It's obviously scary trying something for the first time in public - as an actress, I like my dress rehearsals :)  But that also means I'm quite good at improv, so I'll just hope for the best and bring lots of tape and paperweights so nothing blows away!

Before I go...
Here's some food-porn/eye-candy/brain-inspiration/random-awesomeness for your weekend :)

"All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost.” ~J.R.R. Tolkien


  1. Congratulations on your success Amy! Thanks for sharing it with us at Talented Tuesday!

  2. I really love the "singing tree" painting! Thanks for sharing. #ConfessionsLinkUp

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