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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Free to fly head over heels

Free To Fly...
“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth.” 

Weddings...meaning mine.

Diving For My Treasure
So it's wedding talk today, as it should be - I've been planning and daydreaming for so long now, and I know the actual day is going to fly by.  So let's just drag out the anticipation then, shall we?

I guess I've been a bit excited about everything, because I sure have been chatty lately...

I've been talking to the Deseret News National... (I'm the 4th one)

How Do You Know If It's Love At First Sight? 22 People Talk About How They Fell Head Over Heels Instantly

And Bustle, of course...(#4 again)

Quick Updates!  Then back to wedding stuff :)

There are more images in my galleries at - check them out so you can shoot me some ideas - which art would you like to see for sale next as prints and cards on my Etsy shop?

Lots more writing on my Writer section - great places like Sammiches & Psych Meds, The Mighty, BlogHer, Mental Health Advocacy Group, and a ton more - I'll be sharing some of those articles later on.

My about section has some new little fun documentaries to watch - I know my story is pretty crazy and people are wondering, "what the heck does she mean that her stomach exploded?"  So watch!

I've planned a reception for my show Canvas Talk:  Tree Dreams at the Discovery Museum - more later on that.

I've gotten a few more opportunities to perform Gutless & Grateful!  (more on that later too) - my dream is to spread my story to those who need it most, and soon I'll be taking my show to a few hospitals and medical facilities.  Anyway I can reach out I'm there!

And Love...

It's pretty neat to read other people's stories of "love at first sight" - You can spend your life predicting and planning and hoping and wishing, but until it happens to you, there's nothing in the world that can describe the amazing feeling of finding a home in someone else's heart. 

And...You know it's not love unless you can write a poem about it.

So here's a little poem.  How we met.
Brandon's Poem
By Amy

The days feel quite the same and lonely
When time is spent by just you only
Two by two I watched old friends
Swoon and create fairy-tale ends

I felt such great joy for each match
Though I remained unattached
Couldn’t help but sit and wonder
How love’s spell must put you under
Thought my life was too rough to
Entrust it all to someone who
Would be there to share my world
And see me more than just a girl

But what the hell, I’ll take a leap
I’ll go online and find some creep
Who has no better thing to do
But cyber-chat ‘bout nothing new

So here I go writing about me
For all in cyber-space to see
I’ll upload pictures, go all out
I’ll show some guys what I’m about

Day One was hardly over when
I’d been messaged by tons of men
Who liked the profile that I listed
Who knew all these guys existed?
I responded, made a date
Then as it was getting late
I get a cute and curious note
I really liked all that he wrote

Responses turned to novels soon
As we found we sung a similar tune
We shared the same interests and joys
He just was not your typical boy

We confided thoughts quite large and deep
How great his company was to keep
Although it was only through internet
It was unbelievable that we had never met!

By that first time we went out together
I felt like we knew each other better
Than anyone could after one date
Looked like we found the other’s soul-mate
I love him ‘cause he makes me laugh
He is my dorkier, manlier half
He cooks with me, he plants, he plays
He puts such wonder in my days

We geocache, we nature-walk
He’s there to lean on, there to talk
He takes my crap, sarcasm, and teasing
He hugs my shoulders when I’m freezing
He takes my burdens even when I’m quiet
He loves my crazy protein diet
He’s keen, astute, not just book-smart
He’s intuitive and understanding with heart

He’s better at finger-picking his guitar
And he’s got better knife skills by very far
He knows much more about his computer
He’s all of that – but I’m MUCH cuter!
I never thought my time would come
Where I’d so randomly meet someone
Who shares what I feel about life as I know it
The role he plays for me is heroic

I'm clueless how such love can grow
But some things we don’t need to know
What strikes our gut at any time
Affects us without reason or rhyme

By my unwavering trust in who you are
And you haven’t done me wrong so far
No longer am I sad and stuck
You’ve got me – you and your hefty truck

You put up with all that I am
And tell me it’s made you a better man
Well, I can only hope that I
Can keep your expectations high!

You’ve made me happy, made me care
How precious is the love we share.

Before I go...
Tell me your love stories - for anyone, for anything!  Who is the miracle in your life?

Here's my little secret - I won my fiance over with chocolate whoopie pies.

('s a secret.  but you can get the recipe here!!!)

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” 


  1. Very nice artwork! Great pictures as well! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Love the 12 reactions of what it's like to meet the love of your life!

  3. Such a talented girl! Love your artwork and I'm sure you are getting very excited for the wedding. Thank you for sharing with us at #WednesdaysWisdom

  4. Loved your poem! Especially the "but I'm much cuter". I also met my husband of 2 years online. It is crazy how powerful the internet is in connecting us with the loves of our lives! Thanks so much for joining the Link-It To Me Link Party, I hope you will party with us again next week!