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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Creativity bucket lists never stop refilling...


“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” ~Albert Einstein

I'm working my way through June bit by bit, breath by breath.  I've got quite a big day at the end of the month, and lots of little excitements along the way.  And of course, every day can be an adventure :)

I believe that art and creativity can help anyone - and everyone needs "help" - even if it's a little boost when we're down, agitated...or just plain bored.  Last week I wrote an article for Coqui Content Marketing about how art therapy can be used for addiction - but really for anything.  I write that "Art therapy heals what talk therapy can't."  Basically, it just fills in the gaps that can't be covered by trying to "think" yourself happier or better or.  Art means "doing" and "being" - and that's great, because "thinking" doesn't always cover all the bases.
How Art Heals - read my article HERE

My artwork at the Discovery Museum is all set and hung, and it looks so beautiful lit up - seeing it was like my "aha" moment - that same kind of feeling when you see your name on oa marquis - like "Wow!  This is just very amazing!"
My art at the Discovery Museum
And if you check out, you can take a virtual tour of the gallery!

I'm so glad to have my paintings in so many places instead of cluttering up my basement...although I'm noticing lately that my mother has taken a liking to certain pieces...
Notice the strategic placement by her door on Monday...
Hmmm...what's that in the corner there?

Anyway, it is nice to share!

In The Studio...
Now, I'm getting some whimsical kid-friendly art ready for the Leukemia fundraiser on Sunday - my first attempt at being a craft vendor!
Some cute little birds...
A little beach scene

Some fun little fishes jumpin' around...
Of course I gotta have my singing tree in there...

Nice little bird here...
Two nice little birds there...
Some happy and lovey dovey flowers...

Some happy dancing...
I'm trying to design cute little mini canvases that can fit on a 6 foot table.  And also little things that people might pick up and say, "aw, cute!"
Find Your Island
I  was also thinking that it may be nice to have a little activity for the kids - I'd make a coloring page of my "Singing Tree" painting and have kids color their own in.

Lots of singing flowers!
Of course I have to figure out how to set everything up - I've never done this craft fair-ish kind of thing...but there's a first time for everything I guess!
So I'm patting myself on the back for trying something new - and hopefully it will lead to a bunch more opportunities!
These are cute little 1 inch by 1 inch canvases...

If I sell these, a few more canvases, my inchie pins, posters and greeting cards, I should be fine.
And another happy singing flower!
...right?  :)

Setting Goals...
I used to do still lifes...until I ran out of patience :)
I'm someone who tends to think about A LOT at once.  I get so many ideas that all seem exciting and wonderful, and suddenly I want to do them all - and more.  My art itself wants to go in so many new directions, which is making me want to take my multi-directional art in even more directions!

I've accomplished a few already - setting up my first Etsy storefront was a major one!

Here are some from my bucket list - key word is some.
1. Turn my tree are into childrens books illustrations
2. donate my art to hospitals and work with kids to use their creativity
3. publish a book of prints and inspirational writing
4. turn my prints into a 12 pack set of greeting cards
5. motivational posters to put in high schools
6. get my art in a fancy shmancy gallery
7. learn crazy new mediums for 3D work and sculture
8. create an entire mixed media room in my house - which will really make my fiance go crazy!
9. paint a giant mural
10. Alter something huge - like a big bench
11.) Join an artist's guild in the area for a better feel of artist community
12.) Start an illustrated journal and take it everywhere
13.) Learn Encaustics
14.) Submit a mixed media instruction book to a publishing company
15.) Tackle another still life painting

Of course, those will be plenty for now.  But we've always got to keep dreaming, right?

What are some of your goals this month?  Have you made your creativity bucket list yet?

“How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. What we do with this hour and with that one, is what we are doing.” ~Annie Dillard


  1. These are very pretty. Thanks for linking up with #JoyHopeLive Hope to see you again tomorrow

  2. So fun! My kids would love to try to create something like that. Thanks for sharing at #homemattersparty