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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Pairings and Flying Trees Galore!

Weekend! Weekend! Weekend!
(And I'm making messes as usual.)


Thank you so much to everyone who came to my artist's talk on Thursday at the Beechwood-Blue Gallery's Pairings Art Show - I really enjoyed meeting everyone and getting to talk about my process.  Beechwood Arts is such a wonderful organization and I am so honored to be able to work with them!

You can watch my artist's talk HERE at this link.
Chatting about art with Jeanine Esposito
If you do watch the talk, you'll hear my mother comment that my paintings with trees bring to mind a song I wrote over ten years ago, called "My Dream."

It was based on a daydream I had - a thought - we always looks to trees as this metaphor for staying grounded in your roots and so on.
What if, really, trees were just tired of always being so firmly planted in the earth, and just wanted to fly?
When Trees Fly...
Then my imagination really took off and I ended up composing this entire song daydreaming about how splendid the sky might look if all of these gorgeous trees ended up taking flight in it one day.
 It's a song I am very proud of, and it's very dear to my heart.
I just love the endless supply of inspiration that we can constantly source from nature.
You can listen to it HERE at this link.
One of my newer pieces
There were some other really wonderful artists featured at this talk - and you can view slideshows of all the artists featured in "Pairings" here.
Audrey Klotz
Lynn Massey
Janice Mauro
I felt very honored to be a part of this - everyone's work was so different, yet we all seemed to have the same messy studios!  I definitely encourage you to check out these other wonderful artists.
Definitely a great experience!

Website Updates!

Slowly but surely my site is starting to have more of my new artwork up in the Mixed Media Gallery so definitely check it out - some of them are even starting to get titles - go figure!
"Mixed and Match"

"She Does Not See"

"Summer Play"
I have also gotten a lot of requests for my writing, which I share snippets of occasionally here and there, so soon a "Writing" section will be featured on my site with plenty of fun poems, musings, short stories, reflections, and other fun stuff - lots of exciting things in the works so definitely stay tuned!  I will be selling prints, books, etc...

More Art!

I'm trying to "budget" what I share every day because I've been creating so much lately!  But here's something fun I've been working on - I actually took apart a chocolate box and made little scenes in each slot - oh the things you can do with containers...

 This was quite fun to make, I gotta admit.  Just pure joy.  Not artistic skill needed, no plan, just adding more and more until I had to pull myself away - it was hard to stop!  Just pure whimsy - and the possibilities are endless - I've been saving containers for everything - you never know what scene you might be able to build out of it!
So give this a try and let me know how it comes out - literally anything goes - well, what will fit in the slot obviously :)

Well, in the spirit of the weekend, I'm cutting this blog post short - but I'll be posting a lot more art I've been doing over the next few weeks - okay well here's a sneak preview...
I'm sure you know what I'm planning on putting here...


Okay, can't spill the beans just yet.  But stay tuned!


  1. I love the quote by Robert Schuller, and your artwork is lovely. I have to go check out your online gallery.


  2. I love that work called, "Summer Play" and looking at all your artwork. Can't wait to see more! Shared and tweeted :) #ibabloggers

  3. Love seeing all you do! Brightens my day too!

  4. always enjoy reading your blog honey-so colorful and full of creative ideas xoxoxo