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Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 81

Time to whip out the old pasta maker and make some pasta from scratch for a nice homemade dinner.
...with a nice meat sauce.

It is pretty amazing that I can't taste my food but everything (so I hear) turns out amazing.  I've gotten so used to cooking that I hardly use recipes anymore, and I am getting accustomed to not using measuring equipment as well.  My method is simple - use as many spices as possible!  I love collecting spices and spice blends - they are my new toys.  I love inventing different combinations of herbs and spices, pairing them with different meats and vegetables, and seeing what happens.  This is all really making me want to apply to culinary school!
These are the two little scenes I created in my shadow box so far.  I like the idea of creating miniature dioramas in each of the 9 slots.

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