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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 75 - my still life is finally finished!

My fifth still life is finally finished!!!!
 It's funny - the first still life I did was so intimidating, but I see that this time around, I had a better instinct for what colors to mix, where to add shadows, light, and bright white sparkles.  It's funny though - no color on that canvas is straight from the tube.  Every color is mixed.  It makes the process pretty labor-intensive, but it just makes the colors dance right off of the canvas.  I love doing reflections.  I think that just came out so neat.
My palette after all of that mixing!
 I'm on a food kick now, so I think my sixth still life will be food-related as well.  Some beautiful ideas to paint that might turn out pretty cool:  corn on the cob, candy, cereal boxes, a mexican recipe with chile peppers, beans, salsa jar, olive oil bottle, dried pasta in various shapes with bottle of tomato sauce and parmesan rind...the possibilities are endless!
 Then I played around with my own artistic process and glued various magazine images to a canvas, covered that with layers of napkins and matte medium, and added acrylics and fabric to it.
"Slow and steady wins the race."
I never know exactly what I am going to put on each canvas until I am actually in the process.  I just follow the flow and go from tree to flower to girl...or whatever pops into my imagination.  It does't have to make sense.  It just has to feel right.

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