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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Well, hello again!

Hey everyone!  I know. it's been quite a while since I've updated this blog.  But, now that I am painting, cooking, and having adventures again, I figured now would be a great time to pick back up again!

The opening gala of Pairings at Blue Lemon (Westport, CT) was a success, and it was such an honor being featured with nine amazing local artists.

Here's me with an old favorite of mine: "Can We Trust"

 "Dancing Girl", "World In Her Hands" and "Bloom" all explore duality - the theme of this show.

 Me with the amazing Jeanine Esposito, founder of Beechwood Arts - who made this all possible!

You can view more photos of the event and the other art featured here.

I will be working with Jeanine again this Spring for her Arts Immersion Salon on May 31st 3-7 for an art exhibit centered on "Resilience", exploring the impact and influence of the arts at the crux of personal crisis.

Another exciting event coming up - in a week actually, is my artist's reception at Tusk & Cup Fine Coffee in Ridgefield, CT.
Saturday February 28th from 5-8pm, there will be food, music (thank you Matt Oestreicher, you awesome brother you) and it's a great hangout - so stop by if you're around!

This is the mischief we've been cooking up there...
 The inchies just sold last week (on the left wall) so I've been hard at work on another set.

 My parents, brother and fiance were hard at work hanging, nailing, arranging...I was good at pointing...and eating.  And those are important skills too.

 Me with Laura, the owner, pausing for a quick picture between pointing and eating.

 It was tough selecting 30 pieces - I'm not the best at editing my work...  :)

With Brandon, my DIY fiance taking the lead, it all got done eventually!

Hope you all can make it out - if not, my art will be there until the end of March.

So lots of art now, lots of painting, lots of washing and re-washing my poor paint-stained sweaters, you know.

So that's it for my first recent blog post - it's good to be back in cyber-space!

But before I go, I'd like to leave you with some random inspiration.  How about some dream-culinary jobs, sexy lasagna (apparently), an awesome funk-lovin' teacher, insanely clever kitchen gadgets, crazy inventions to keep you warm in the office, weird origins of popular sayings, get ready to go "awww" at this kiddie love story, speaking of kids, these guys have their priorities straight, cleverly creative ways to rethink your bed, and to end this post with a splash of color - try a rainbow recipe - or 27!!!

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