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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 4, Day 5, time does NOT fly when you're starving.

Okay, so I started the day STARVING as usual, so I made some pancakes for my brothers on the crepe-maker - love that thing!
And also baked some Pumpkin Coconut Bread

I added a bit more to my still life...

When the hunger cues got really bad, we went to the mall for a distraction.  Like I said, everyday has to be a marathon from thing to thing.  The second I'm not doing anything, I get hungry and sad.  But the Disney sculptures in Hallmark made me optimistic!

It's the little things that give me joy in times like these.

Matt met me in the mall and was rockin' it at the toy store!

And of course, I had to be hooked up to TPN in the middle of the mall!

This morning was really tough, so I went right to the kitchen to make eggs for mom.

 I also experimented with cornmeal waffles, but the recipe must have been wrong, because it split apart when I opened the waffle-maker!!!

So I turned the rest of the batter into pancakes - hey, you gotta improvise!

Still hungry, I baked brownies...why torture myself, you ask?  I don't know!

I also wrote my mom a card, motivating us to get through all this crap.

What can I say?  Every day is a struggle to deny myself food and drink.  Yesterday I got by on 2 pieces of gum, 1 jello, and 2 ice cubes.  I just keep telling myself this is to starve my fistulas, not myself, and in less than four weeks, I'll be eating again.  Nothing lasts forever.  Stay strong.

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