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Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 3 NPO - how did I survive three years of this?!

It's that time of year when the Purim and Easter cookies are on display and it is just pure torture!

 Every day is a constant marathon.  I have to dart from activity to activity - to painting, then baking, then blogging, then cooking, then walking, then vocalizing, just counting down the hours until I can have my one prized Jello at night.  I'm really trying to limit my fluids to basically a few ice cubes a day because I really want to give these fistulas the best chance of healing possible.  But man, it's not easy!

So I worked some more on my "story" piece
 I woke up this morning STARVING so of course the first thing I do?  Make breakfast for my entire family!
Lox, eggs, and onions for Mom
Pancakes for Adam and Dad
Ebelskivers for Matt
 I  couldn't bring myself to leave the kitchen!  I was craving a chicken wrap or something!!!

I finished my "Tell Me A Story" painting.  I really like how it turned out.

The second piece I made is "take me to the sun." very different color scheme, but I like this one too.  

Maybe this is why starving artists make the best work?

I really needed a lunch break though!  Hopefully this will really just be a month...

I am aiming for another art show in June.  At least this gives me something to work towards.  I already have 25 pieces I didn't show last time that I would feature this time.


 My "lunch break" was getting out of the house and going to Home Goods.

 ...where I found some pretty funny looking cookies...can't get food off of my mind...
This guy was giving me a good message!

 I look for inspiration for my artwork everywhere and anywhere.

This guy just made me happy.  Hey, anything to take my mind off food for one second!

This gave me a good idea to feature some sheet music in my art.

Then I went food shopping to get ingredients for dinner tonight.  They had those beautiful sugar eggs for Easter, which is art in itself.

 So what do I do?  Of course I obsess over some food that I won't be eating.  I cooked Pad Thai with Shrimp and Vegetables...
 It's great fun cooking in a wok.  And it smelled delicious!

It  smelled like I was at a hibachi.  Boy, I wish I was!
Yummy pad thai!
If I can come out of this month with a healed tummy, leak-free, and eating, then this will all be worth it.  Then I can really live my life already and be done with all of this medical craziness.  Then I'll get my life back in the fullest sense.  I'm optimistic.

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